Friday, 5 October 2012


Pest control refers to the management of species that were defined as pest-basically harmful to the human health for they do brings diseases that will cause the sickness of a human body. Prevention of their spreading is the best thing to do. Have a safe home with a safe controlling. There were different kinds of pest control to be executed in our homes: 
(1) biological pest control, the controlling of parasites and predators by using natural pest control-eco balance is required in this process. 
(2) Elimination of Breeding Grounds, the control which focus the management of making drainage and still water clean and to be safe out of pest specially mosquitos. Proper waste disposal do belongs here on this process; it could make lessen rats and cockroaches inside the area. 
(3) Poisoned bait, a common way of controlling the rapid growing population of rats by feeding pest with food-mixed-poison. 
(4) Field Burning, it’s a traditional way of some other negotiable fields like sugar cane’s field-burning of the fields were the things they do after the harvesting. 
(5) Hunting, a control which called a “bounty system” here a man could ask somebody to kill pest for a penny. 
(6) Traps, there’s a snap trap which is widely used in some foreign and local areas. It uses some triggers for executing best trap for a pest. There’s a glue board which stick to a colored light that will attract pests like ants, mosquitos and etc. and when the point comes they stick unto it. 
(7) Poison Spray, can be done by a plane to have shower the area of some poison. At home, best way is to use a spray bottle. Just be sure that the air you breathe after spraying it on air would be safe to inhale. 
(8) Sterilization could be a sanitation process it could be done by diluting some chemicals to an amount of water and after-putting those in a safe to handle container like spray bottles and some huge containers to stuck up the left over sanitizers. 
(9) Destruction of Infected Plants, example of these was those some plantations like rice fields. When the some area of the field where strike by a group of pests farmers should destruct the growing of the rice and best way is to burned. 
(10) Natural Rodent Control, it talks about the rehabilitation of the affected areas. It is prevention against secondary poisoning altogether. Safety first we should remember that. 
Pest control sometimes may lead us to harmful things because of some actions we take without thinking what the best things to be done. Though some complains for some unhealthy results of the process it is only because of those ways that were done in a wrong way. There were some tips of how to execute pest control in a harm free process; make sure that there were no children’s are there in the area at the moment you’re executing. If you have a breathing problem or heart failures do not attempt to done the execution especially when it comes to spreading, spraying and diluting chemicals. When you’re ready to strike them up (pests) please do secure yourself having a mask. Don’t let some chemicals reach your eyes it will cause some irritations. After killing them all, washed hands to avoid cross contamination between the chemicals and any surface of your body, better to have bath to make wash your whole body. 
Pest control is not a human killing process it is a PEST CONTROLLING PROCESS the reason we should done it carefully with a security that we can’t harm any human.